February is the start of the new year for military shows. Every year during the third week of February the Ohio Valley Military Society (OVMS) hosts the Show of Shows, at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds, Louisville, KY. This is the largest militaria show in the world and has 2,200 tables of military artifacts. It is attended by enthusiasts and vendors from the US and many other nations. 


Developing Our Series of Military Collectibles

Fred Green and I have attended the Show of Shows every year since 2006 and are currently preparing for this year’s show. As I am a Life Member of the Ohio Valley Military Society, the reasons we make the effort to attend are numerous. The first and probably the most important is our commitment to lifelong learning. Collecting militaria is a fascinating hobby that requires constant study through internet forums, reference books and hands-on study. Secondly, going to shows allows us the opportunity to network with other collectors and dealers. It also allows us to expand our horizons, gets us out of the day-to-day toil involved in running a business, and remember our love for the history behind every item we discover.  


The Tulsa Gun Show and Many More to Come

Some of the other shows we attend in the spring are the

  • The Massive Joe Wanenmacher’s 4,000 Table: Tulsa Arms Show 
  • Wichita Military Collectors Club Show
  • Heartland Military Show at Chickasha, OK. 


Traveling also allows us to meet new collectors, individuals, and view collections that are being offered for sale. Be sure to check back later as we will post a list of upcoming dates and show venues we plan on attending! If you have any questions about our collections or how to handle your military collection, reach out to us at Military Collector Services. We started in 2013 and have been traveling the world to help preserve the history behind these military collectibles and we would love to help with any military collection.