hard-wearing brown tricot wool material used in Soviet WWII jackets    Soviet issue stamps in the lining used in Soviet WWII jackets

Last month I talked of planning to attend the Show of Shows in Louisville, KY. To those that may not know this is the largest Military Show in the World. It takes a month to prepare my items for this show so when this show closes, I can feel a huge sense of relief while looking forward to next year’s event. I have had tables at this show every year since 2006. I always take my best items to this show as it gives me the opportunity to reach world class buyers of militaria. Some of the items that I brought to sell were an Original German WWII Fallschirmjaeger Helmet, an Artillery Piped Service Dress Jacket, and a large silver aluminum Railway Car Eagle. This year was great fun as I actually took the time (4 hours) to walk through the show, meet people and buy some things.


Unique Military Memorabilia

I bought four sets of Model 44 German Army Artillery shoulder straps, 8 pieces of German Foreign Volunteer collar insignia and a German Uniform jacket made from a captured Soviet jacket. I will add some photos to share this unique jacket with those that may have an interest. In my many years of collecting I have not encountered another example. If you can only attend one show this is the one you need to attend! The jacket is made from a hard-wearing brown tricot wool material the same cloth used in Soviet WWII jackets and still has the Soviet issue stamps in the lining. The buttonhole ribbons indicate that the wearer had earned the Iron Cross Second Class and the Russian Front Medal. 


Heartland Military Show and Tulsa Flea Market

I made the decision not to attend the Heartland Military Show as the promoter moved the show from Chickasha, OK to Durant OK. I had planned to look at some offered items in the Chickasha area but had to cancel. With the cost of fuel and my shortage of time I always try to see customers on these show trips. On Saturday the 12th of March I attended the Tulsa OK Flea Market. The best thing about the Tulsa Flea Market is that it is always a different market and the vendors from OK, TX and Kansas that attend. Many of the vendors are ones that I have not seen before and they bring new and different merchandise. The problem with so many flea markets is that you see the same items every time. 


Upcoming Military Trade Shows 2022  

There are amazing items that you can find in little places like antique malls, flea markets, resale shops, and tag sales so next time I will share my thoughts and expertise about shopping for military items. If you have any questions about collections or trade shows, reach out to us at Military Collector Services. We would love to hear from you!