I want to take this opportunity to share my one June buying trip. Every June the Tulsa Flea Market hosts the Bottle Show where vendors from all over the United States bring bottles to sell. They also bring out many other nice things. I was able to purchase many unique military items for a good price. The first item I would like to highlight is a cased Imperial German, State of Wurttemberg Verdienst (Service) Medal. This was made by Eduard Poehr, Koniglhof Juwelier, Stuttgart who was also the King’s Own Jeweler.

As one can see it is a high-quality medal produced during a time of hand craftsmanship not often seen in today’s world. 

U.S. Army Field Jacket

The second item I would like to showcase is a simple US Army Model 43 Field Jacket. Frequently referred to as ‘the best garment developed during WWII’. It was longer and much heavier than the Model 41 jacket that it replaced. Made from a double layer of OD Green sateen cloth that was both wind and water resistant. It could be worn by itself or with a variety of liners and underclothes. The versatility of this jacket allowed it to replace five different jackets and coats. When the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions were rebuilt after the Normandy battles, they jumped into Holland in Model 43 jackets and trousers. 

    US Army Field Jacket Close-up    US Army Field Jacket Quartermaster Label

This jacket had a very long life as an Army garment and was updated as the Model 51 and again as the Model 65. Besides the Quartermaster labels which are often missing. A quick way to identify the different models is that the Model 43 has a button front. The Model 51 has a zipper front and inner buttons to accommodate a button in-liner. The Model 65 has a different shaped collar with a zipper which hides a lightweight hood. Some of the early Model 43’s had the Instructions printed on the lining. This one still has the Quartermaster Label in the right lower pocket. It is nice to find the label intact as most are either washed out or cut out.