Last week I attended the Wichita Military Guns & Collectables Show located at the Cessna Activity Center, 2744 S. George Washington Blvd., Wichita, KS. The show started in 1981 and I have attended this show many times over the years and found it always to be a delightful experience.

military collectors club wichita kansas 2023

The Vice President and show manager is Shawn Stone who has been a member of the Wichita Militaria Collectors Club since he was ten years old. The club has 50 members and holds this show twice a year in November and April. The show attracts a variety of interests including Military Vehicle Collectors, Military Scale Model Building and Military Artifacts Collecting.

Various items displayed for Military Vehicle Collectors

One of the best features of the show is the friendliness of the members. Everyone is a militaria enthusiast and is willing to share their experiance and advice with the public. The laid-back attitude contributes to a stress free, relaxing weekend.

Indoor tables displaying items from Military Collectors     Tables displaying items from Military Collectors

The cost for an eight-foot table is only $35 so even a beginning collector can afford to display his items and enjoy the event. With such a wide variety of interests one never knows what one can find to add to their collection. So, annotate your calendars for the dates of the April show and call Shawn to make a reservation.

Wichita Militaria Collectors Club