Selling Military Memorabilia At the Show of Shows: Louisville

I returned from the SoS late Sunday evening after five days at the show. What a great event! First, I want to share some photos of my tables where I display my display case, WWII German Uniforms, as well as 11th and 101st Airborne uniform groupings. Most of you know that this is my biggest show event of the year and it takes week of preparation to get everything ready. One of the rules that I have learned is to have every item described and priced ready to be offered for sale. The show is fast paced and there is no time to think about what you want for something. The two fellows you see are Fred Green’s table helpers Sam and Graham. This year I brought twelve of the British Cavalry helmets that I discussed in last weeks blog. I sold six of the twelve.

My display case and WWII German Uniforms    101st and 11th Airborne uniform groupings    British Cavalry helmets

Meeting Old Friends and Other Military Collectors

The show provides the opportunity to see old friends and visit. I met my friend Dale when I was stationed in Germany during the early 2000’s. Dale was an Airborne, Ranger Infantry Officer he was also a Foreign Area Officer for the Czech Republic. He served in the US Embassy in Prague and attended the Czech Army Command and Staff College. We spent many happy days cruising the German Flea Markets and attending the German Military Show in Flonheim. Dale collects WWII German badges and specializes in those badges made in the Sudetenland. This is my buddy Fred Green behind the table and my other buddy Dale Bledsoe in front of the table

Military Collectors- Fred Green and Dale Bledsoe Running a Military Trade Show Table

Also attending are the families of other military dealers and collectors. Here are two kids dressed up as WWII Airborne Soldiers.

Kids Dressed up as WW2 Airborne Soldiers

Not to be left out was this gentleman dressed in an original 1950’s United States Air Force Eisenhower Jacket with awards! I hope that I am able to adequately portray the excitement generated by the fair attitude.

Military Collector Dressed in a 1950's United States Air Force Eisenhower jacket

With a show this large the opportunity is there to find many great treasures. With everything going, it makes for a fantastic time!

Young Man Buying British Cavalry Helmets at the Show of Shows 2023     Young Military Collector

Here is the flyer for next year’s Show of Shows 2024, so be sure to make plans to attend!

Ohio Valley Military Society Flyer    show of shows 2024 flyer